VAT Training in Dubai

VAT Training in Dubai

1 Day Training Workshop

Course Overview

This course comes up numerous practical case studies and in training exercises on the rules governing and operation of the VAT in GCC and particularly in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Course also covers VAT accounting / bookkeeping entries for accounting transactions, VAT calculation including calculation of payable/ refundable and completion of VAT returns on specified frequency.

Learning objectives

  • To develop reasonable practical skills for maintenance of records in accordance with the provisions of VAT Law
  • The delegates will feel confident while handling VAT routine matters like preparation, planning VAT both manual and electronic submission of returns
  • To enable the participants to handle day to day tax matters of their own business, employer, clients etc. in a professional way

Course Outline

VAT Introduction

  • The VAT Law and Executive Regulations
  • Understanding the LAW and its structure
  • Defining VAT Principles and directives as per law
  • VAT law and implementation

VAT Records and Return

  • Sample of VAT Invoice (exercises)
  • Special Record Keeping Requirements
  • VAT Invoices
  • VAT Returns and penalties

VAT Transactions

  • How accounting and VAT go side by side
  • Be able to define the terms supply of goods, intra-Community acquisition of goods, supply of services and importation of goods.
  • Know that the transfer of a going concern is not always treated as a transaction.
  • Understand the concept of deemed supplies

VAT Exemptions

  • Understand what an exemption is.
  • Dealing with Exemptions
  • Difference between Exemptions and Zero-Rated Supplies
  • State what an exemption may mean for the principle of tax neutrality in the supply chain.
  • Understanding exemptions and its impact on business
  • Describe kinds of exemptions

VAT Refund

  • Refunds
  • Provisions for the VAT refund
  • Procedures for applying for a VAT refund

VAT Action Plan 2018

  • Measuring the VAT Gap
  • Controlling the flow of information in the department/ clients
  • Evaluating the volume for seamless planning
  • All information at one place for improved compliance
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Plan for VAT filing both manual (excel sheets) and online
  • VAT Return Preparation
  • Calculation of taxable figure in complicated cases

Target Audience

Business Entrepreneurs | CFOs | CEOs | Finance Managers | Staff accountants, senior accountants, chief accountants, accounting managers, controllers, External and internal Auditors, Sales and purchasing Departments, tax consultants, tax preparers, People who wish to improve their knowledge of the VAT System, consultants, auditors and other professionals in the accounting and finance functions

Target Competencies

  • Basic or no Understanding of VAT (Prior knowledge of VAT is an advantage but not essential)
  • Basic Accounting

Training facts

  • Handouts and all the relevant material will be given during the training
  • Hands-on training, practical examples and case studies
  • A certificate of attendance for participants


Training Fee AED690 per person

A group package is offered at AED5,000 per VAT Training Session

Maximum of 20 persons are allowed in one session/ batch.